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Chronic Disease Management Program

Who We Are

How We Can Help

Getting An Appointment/At Your Appointment

Program Goals

Our program is for people with or at risk for:

  High blood pressure
  Metabolic syndrome
High cholesterol

Current research has shown that seeing a Registered Dietitian reduces hospitalizations for people with diabetes.

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Chronic Disease Management (CDM)- Wellness & Prevention Program

Who we are

The Chronic Disease Management Program includes a team of Registered Nurses and Registered Dietitians in conjunction with your physcian and other health care professionals such as Nurse practitioners, Mental Health Workers, and Chiropodists.

How we can Help:

We work as a team to provide extra support and  information to help you to manage your chronic disease or prevent a chronic disease. Our goal is to support you in order for you to better manage your health.  We can review your current blood work,  teach you to test your blood sugar or blood pressure correctly and help you to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Getting An Appointment/At your appointment

Your health care provider may refer you to the Chronic Disease Management Program.

At that time you will be scheduled for initial appointments with both a Registered Nurse (RN) and a Registered Dietitian (RD). Please note initial appointments usually last 1 hour in length.

If you use a glucometer to measure your blood sugars you must bring it with you to all of your appointments. Check in for your appointment at the front check in.

At the initial appointment the RN will check:

- height, weight, waist circumference

- blood pressure

- medications, please bring updated list

- lifestyle factors, activity level, smoking etc.

In addition, if you have pre-diabetes or diabetes the RN will check  your:  

- foot health, which may include referral to a chiropodist (foot care specialist)

- blood sugar

-glucometer readings or log book (please remember to bring to each appointment)

At the initial appointment the RD will:

-complete an in-depth assessment of current eating patterns and food intake

-discuss current activity patterns

-provide suggestions for foods that may help manage current conditions

-review medications and dietary supplements you may be taking

-answer your questions about healthy eating


-In addition, if you have pre-diabetes or diabetes the RD will:

-check your blood sugar

-check your glucometer readings or log book

-assess how diet and medications interact with blood sugars

-help you to learn how to balance meals for optimal blood sugar control




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Chronic Disease Management Team Goals 

  • To empower individuals to build skills for healthy living and coping with a chronic condition  
  • To increase health and self  management skills with confidence  
  • To enhance the skills required to problem solve and make decisions related to living a healthy life with a chronic condition
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