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Address or Information Changes

If you have moved, have a new telephone number for home or work, we would appreciate being notified of the changes as soon as possible. That way our records are up to date and we can contact you if needed. Please be sure to let us know if everyone in your household that are patients here as well so we can update their information also.


Health Cards

If your health card is damaged, lost, stolen or has expired, you must notify the Ministry of Health immediately to have a replacement card issued.  You can be charged for health care services if you do not have a valid card, even at hospitals and specialists offices, therefore it is important to ensure you are insured at all times. This may involve a trip to the Ministry of Health office in St. Catharines for photo ID purposes. If you have a change of address to report, in most cases this can be done over the telephone. In any case, you should call the St. Catharines office at (905) 704-4090 and they can advise you of the proper procedures and what types of identification you will need to bring with you in order to obtain a new health care. The Ministry of Health office is located at 301 St. Paul St., on the Mezzanine Level.

When you have received your new health card it is very important that you contact the Business Office and notify us of the changes.


Form Completions

The physicians at NHS attempt to complete all forms in a timely manner.  Do not produce your form in the examroom, hand it in when you check in for your appointment.  Forms are completed in the order in which they are received, although exceptions are made in emergency situations only.  In most cases your forms will be completed within a two week period, however, due to the complex nature of some forms or if your physician is away, this may not always be possible.  Please be patient and you will be contacted by the Business Office once your form is complete.

Charges for form completion apply and the amount varies depending on the complexity of the request.  You will be informed of the amount when it is presented to the front desk at your appointment.  Payments can be made by cash, Visa, MasterCard or Interact. 


Transfer of Records

The Business Office handles all transfer of medical records. If you have changed family physicians and wish your records transferred, you will need to send us a written request which must include your name, current address, it must be dated and signed and include the name and address of the new physician to which they are being sent. Family requests can be authorized by a parent although all members 16 years of age or older must sign their own authorization.  Photocopying charges will apply.

Written authorization also applies if you are requesting copies of certain test results for your own records or for a 3rd party.

Most requests will be completed within a two week period.



If you have been hurt in the workplace you should notify the receptionist when booking your appointment and the front desk staff at time of check-in.  Your physician will need to complete a Form 8 (Physicians First Report) to submit to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.  Make sure you are prepared by having the name, address and phone number of your employer, your Social Insurance number and your accident date.  Missing information will delay your claim.  It is your responsibility to notify your employer of your injury so they can take the appropriate action.

Once the Form 8 is completed by your physician it will be faxed directly to WSIB’s main office in Toronto.  You will receive a letter from WSIB indicating the name and phone number of your local adjudicator and your claim number.  You will need the claim number to identify yourself when calling WSIB.  Please call us when you receive your claim number.

WSIB will periodically ask for updates on your medical condition by mailing you a Progress Report.  You will need to book an appointment with your physician for this report.  Please remember to mention the form to the receptionist on the phone so that the appropriate amount of time can be scheduled and hand it in to the receptionist when you check in for your appointment


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