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We do not encourage ‘walk-ins’; patients should not expect to be seen if they choose to come to the office without calling to make an appointment first.  The physician’s schedules change daily, therefore your physician might not be in the office when you arrive and you may be asked to leave and return at another time.  If you have an acute condition and need to be seen, please call the office and our receptionists will do their best to give you an appointment for that day.

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Our receptionists cope with the large number of phone calls which come into the office every day.  Early morning and early afternoon are particularly busy, especially on Mondays.  If your phone call is not of an urgent nature, try calling mid-morning or late afternoon.

In order to see your physician, you must make an appointment.  It is necessary for our staff to ask questions regarding the nature of your visit in order to assess your needs and the urgency of your appointment.  Our staff have been trained to follow policies, procedures and guidelines created by your physician.

Niagara Health Services holds “Urgent Care Clinics” on a daily basis.  If you need to see your physician for an urgent, non life threatening matter and your physician is not available to see you, an appointment may be given to you to see one of our other physicians or nurse practitioners.  These appointments are reserved for that day and cannot be pre-booked prior to that day.  You should call for an appointment, not walk-in.  Clinic appointments are available daily Monday to Friday (evening appointments are available) and Saturday mornings.

Patients sometimes request to speak with their physicians on the phone.  Throughout the day, your physician is busy taking care of other patients, speaking/consulting with other physicians and providers and completing paperwork.  They do not have a lot of time throughout the day, therefore nurses and support staff help them by taking messages and assisting as much as they can without always involving the physician. 


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